M.A. Education & Survey offers:

Education of PSP – Personal Support Profile for implementation of Rights

A joint understanding of

- the life the person wants to live despite the disability and
- the service and the quality of support from professionals, the person with disabilities wants for his/her personal lifegoals.

To use PSP (Personal Support Profile) as a tool to guarantee the implementation of Rights in the support of professionals to persons with disabilities.

PSP - To highlight the qualifications of the support needed for personal wellbeing of the persons with disabilities.

To use PSP to combat the institutional culture, negative traditional attitudes and prejudices.

“Many persons with disabilities have moved out from institutions
the institutional culture stays, formulating still people’s lives out from a narrow and limited life space. We need to ask ourselves as professionals, service providers, decision makers etc. - when we hear persons with disabilities talking about their lives, describing unfair service systems of rules, routines, disrespect, group-thinking, missing support etc. – What is this, why is the institutional culture still going on? Why is institutional culture still influencing persons with disabilities lives?”

We need a change

Towards a deeper understanding of persons with disabilities as persons with own identities and to become a citizen as everybody else.
Towards systematically development of inclusive quality of support and new forms of support - a platform for the support quality based on UNCRPD is needed. Develop the professional’s role, to renew professional’s conception and understanding of the quality of support becomes one of the important “keys” for a successful implementation of rights (=CRPD articles).

The concept of PSP

PSP- a tools for planning, decision making processes, creations of concrete and mental environment and relations in the disability field.
PSP Is establishing the concept of “unified support”
PSP is formulating a joint understanding of the personal daily life and personal views of support
PSP is opening possibilities in newly discovered sectors; new connections offer the life diversity and open possibilities of undiscovered parts in life.
PSP is building a personal “repertoire” of rights

Education around all kind of disability topics to

  • develop the professionalism in the services
  • improve the quality of services
  • strengthen the quality of life for persons with disabilities

For whom?

  • Representatives of Organisations
  • Service users
  • Staff
  • Decisionmakers
  • Relatives and
  • any Stakeholders in the field of disability themes

Surveys and research in the field of disability to enlarge the knowledge base

This will:

  • improve planning and project development
  • highlight new and current methods and practises for future developments
  • contribute to improve the life quality of persons with disabilities